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Recycled Timbers timbers have a unique look due to the "Historical Defects" in them. Nail and Bolt holes, along with there stain marks, season checking and cosmetic damage done in the timbers prior use all add to this distinctive look.

Recycled timbers have been dried and stored "in place" in old structures. These timbers will be very stable and have little or no tendencies to shrink or twist. This results in tighter joinery and fewer problems from timbers moving once installed.

IGL Recycled Timbers offers recycled timbers in two different options:

"As Is" Natural Patina Timbers

Natural Patina Timbers have the original finish, sawn or smooth, and are supplied just like they came to us from the old structure. Depending on how and where the timbers where used the colors can vary from grays to browns. These timbers are quite rustic in appearance and can vary in size. They can be wire brushed, sand blasted or lightly sanded to provide a cleaner look.

Remanufactured Recycled Timbers

Sawn on all four sides from one size larger timber these timbers have a similar look to new wood but with the historical defects of used timbers. They are machined straight and true and come in full and nominal sizes. These timbers have a more refined look than the "As Is" timbers and are supplied with a band sawn texture or S4S smooth.

IGL Recycled Timbers also has full millwork capabilities and can provide
  • Cabinet Stock
  • Trim Packages
  • Moldings
  • Stair Parts and Railings


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1.75 Million

board feet of 100% recycled timbers on hand means that we can service your large or small lumber project needs.

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